Student Experience

Each participating university has a designated program liaison as the scholars’ primary point of contact and a mentor. Programming will be conducted or organized by this person, who will also regularly meet with the scholars as a group and in 1:1 meetings.

Students can learn more about the eligibility criteria, application process, and more at our information sessions:




Tuesday, December 6

5:00p CST

Saturday, December 10

1:00p CST

Monday, December 12

6:00p CST

Living Learning Community*

Scholars will participate in a TLS-specific Living Learning Community (LLC) for the first two years of the program. *This set-up may vary by campus. If a particular campus does not provide an LLC for their scholars, supplemental programming will be offered regularly to connect the group.

Progressive Mentorship

Year 1: Each scholar is assigned a peer mentor in addition to the program’s staff mentor.

Year 2: Scholars transitions into a peer-mentor role for new scholars. Scholars also participate in a weeklong job shadowing program during winter or spring break.

Year 3: Scholars attend two events each semester to learn and receive advice from corporate and executive leaders regarding what they are looking for in new graduates.

Year 4: Scholars are matched with an alumni mentor who is aligned with their academic or professional goals.

Undergraduate Research

Scholars receive access to on-campus research opportunities. The TLS liaison will help students find opportunities and provide workshops on securing research positions.

Professional Development

Opportunities for the following topics will be provided each year:

  • Strengths or Leadership Assessment
  • Group Service Projects
  • Networking events to practice communication and relationship-building skills
  • Workshops and earning opportunities to:
  • Resume writing
  • Developing an elevator speech
  • LinkedIn and other social media branding
  • Value of diversity in teams and businesses
  • Pursuing graduate school

Family Outreach

TLS staff will provide outreach to scholar parents/guardians to help understand the college and TLS experience.

Summer Programs

  • Annual Leadership Conference: Each summer a member institution will hold an annual leadership conference.
  • Study Abroad: Scholars can apply to participate in a TLS-specific pad study abroad experience.
  • Internship Stipends: Scholars can apply for an internship stipend if pursuing an unpaid summer internship.