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Applications for the Fall 2024 have closed!

Decisions for the 2024 Scholar Cohorts will be sent out on May 17, 2024!

We are asking principals, teachers, counselors, & coaches to share this opportunity with high achieving high school seniors, who are/will be TEXAS Grant eligible, & have been leaders in their school or community.
We will select 250 Scholars from across Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How do I know if my student is eligible to apply?
  • Is there a limit to the number of students a school can nominate?
    • No. We do ask you do your best to nominate those who, as far as you can tell, meet the Eligibility Criteria.
  • Can a student apply before the FAFSA is available?
    • Absolutely! The student will need to make sure they list the institutions selected on the TLS application on the FAFSA.
  • What does the scholarship cover?
  • How does the student receive the housing stipend?
    • The housing stipend is sent to the institution and then applied to the student's account. If the student is living on campus, it is applied to their Housing and Meals plan. If a student is living off campus, the stipend is refunded to the student how they indicated they want to receive refunds.
  • Does the scholarship cover summer classes?
    • No. This scholarship is only for Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Is the scholarship transferrable?
    • At the onset of awarding, the Scholarship is not transferable because we seek to ensure a cohort of students at each campus. If the student does not attend the institution which awarded the scholarship, they will be foregoing being a participant in this program.

How do I recommend a student for the program?

  • Please review the application process to ensure the student you want to recommend meets the eligibility criteria.
  • On November 1 or later, you can complete and submit the Application Link Request and we will send the application to your school email as listed on the request.
  • You will then share this link with your student(s) and they can then begin the application process.

Want to Learn More?

Review the TLS info Sheet to better understand who is eligible for this program and what we will offer our Scholars.

If you missed our recent live information sessions, you can watch a recording here Most of the questions asked in the different live information sessions have been added to the FAQ above.

Have questions? Contact TLS staff at TexasScholars@unt.edu